The launching ceremony of the Sports Medicine  project was held on Tuesday 10 February 2009 at Sookdeo Bissoondoyal State College, Rose Belle, in the presence of a very attentive audience especially Hon. Rajeswar Jeetah,  Minister of Health & Quality of Life (Chief Guest), Mr. Dhiraj Singh Khamajeet, Chairman of the Mauritius Sports Council , Officials from the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life and of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Human Resources and eminent personalities.



A First Aid kit, an Ice Box and a booklet on Sports Medicine were donated to the college.

The objectives of the talks are to raise students awareness on   the benefits of physical activities on health, the importance of good nutrition and the use of ice in the treatment of injuries.

Talk on Sports Medicine was carried out and 175 Students of Forms I including students of Windsor College and Unity College attended the workshop.  The lecturers and the themes were Mrs. Anju Dreepaul Gowreesunkur, Nutritionist, Ministry of Health & QL - NUTRITION, - "LES BIENFAITS DES EXERCICES PHYSIQUES", Dr. Khemraj Dassyne, Sports Medical Officer and Mr. Michel Chang Kye Chief Physiotherapist Ministry of Health and Quality of Life- USE OF ICE FOR TREATMENT OF INJURIES.

A quiz was held with questions related to the talks on Sports Medicine and the winners are Fawaz Ramgoolam, Keshav Porahoo, Muhammad Afzal Azeer and Nusayhah Shaumtally from Windsor Girls College. They were offered t shirts as gift by the Mauritius Sports Council.          

Every student who participated in the workshop was offered a booklet on Sports Medicine.    

We convey our grateful thanks to Mr. Abdool Rajack Mohamud, Rector of the college for having kindly accepted to host the ceremony.