In line with its policy to raise students' awareness on the importance of Sports Medicine, the Mauritius Sports Council in collaboration with Resource Persons from the Ministry of Health and Quality of life is continuing with its series of talks in secondary schools.The 4th edition of  Talks for this year was held on Wednesday 18 June 2008 at the Rivière des Anguilles State Secondary Schools (Girls).200 Students from Forms I to III attended the talks.


Mr. Michel Chang Kye, Chairman of the Medical/Paramedical Committee of the Sports Council pointed out that the practice of Sports Medicine and good habit in eating may bring better health in the daily life of everyone.

Sports and Health, the importance of good nutrition and the use of ice in the treatment of injuries were the themes covered by Mr. Gerard Requin, Director Pharmaceutical Services, Ministry of Health & Quality of Life, Mrs. Nisha Chureetur, Nutritionist at Jawaharlall Nehru Hospital  and Mr. Michel Chang Kye, Chief Physiotherapist, Ministry of Health & Quality of Life respectively.

At the end of the activity, a quiz related to sports and health was organized.  Five students namely Sujata Ryegobind, Ashna Sunassee, Hanshini Choytun, Ravishka Seewoodharry and Emilie Anseline answered correctly and were awarded Polo shirts as prizes.

Ice box and First Aid Kit were offered to the school by the Mauritius Sports Council.

Special thanks to Mr. D. Thumiah, Rector of Riviere des Anguilles State Secondary School for his full collaboration in the implementation of the project.