The 2nd edition of the Sports Medicine Project was held on Wednesday 28 April 2010 at Friendship College (Boys), Goodlands, in the presence of officers of the Sports Council, Mrs. Heeramun, Deputy Rector, staff and students.



The objectives of the talks are to make the youths aware of the benefits of Sports Medicine, proper physical activities and a good nutrition for maintaining a healthy life style.  Resource persons would be in the range of Doctors, Physiotherapists and Nutritionists. 15 secondary institutions have been identified throughout the island for running of the talks in the coming months.

A First Aid kit, an Ice Box and  booklets on Sports Medicine were offered to the college.

The resource persons and themes were:
Mrs.  Vandana Tacouri, Nutritionist, posted at SSR National Hospital - "NUTRITION "
Mr. Michel Chang Kye, Chief Physiotherapist, posted at Victoria hospital - "USE OF ICE FOR TREATMENT OF INJURIES"
Dr. Khemraj Dassyne, Sports Medical Officer of the Sports Medical Unit - "LES BIENFAITS DES EXERCICES PHYSIQUES".
A quiz was held with questions related to the talks on Sports Medicine and the winners are Ramchurn Bindoyalsingh, Kishen Gunga, Bauker Haydar, Harish Seesunkur and Kooshal Jhurry. They were each offered a book as gift, related to First Aid and Nutrition, by the Mauritius Sports Council