The 11th edition of the Candia Sports Medicine Programme was held on Wednesday 02 October 2013 at Cinq Arpent Community Centre, Highlands in the presence of:


    staff of the Mauritius Sports Council

    Mrs. Fazia Kurrimboccus, Community Support Officer

    Mr. Guillaume Thierry, High Level athlete

    The Mauritius Sports Council offered a First Aid kit and an Ice Box to the Community Support Officer .


The objectives of the talks are to raise awareness on:

    Good nutrition presented by Mrs. Romina Umanee, Nutritionist from the Ministry of Health & Quality of Life

     The importance and benefit of physical activities presented by Mr. Michel Chang Kye, Physiotherapist and Chairperson of the Medical / Paramedical Committee of the Mauritius Sports Council

Booklets on Sports Medicine were distributed among 90 participants.

T- shirts were offered to winners who participated in a quiz namely: Mrs. Nandanee Jaglall, Mrs Lakhsmidevi Apiah, Mrs. Hewantee Moheeput and Mr. Vasoodeven Maunnick.

"Candia Milk" was offered by Panagora Marketing Limited to all participants at the end of the talks.