The Candia Sports Medicine Program was held on Wednesday 03 September 2014 at Association d’Alphabetisation de Fatima in Triolet in the presence of:
• Staff of the Mauritius Sports Council
• Mr. Michel Chang Kye, Physiotherapist and Chairman of the Medical Committee of the Mauritius Sports Council
• Mr. Médard Tristan, Director of the Association
• Mrs. Jeanine Grant, Manager, teachers and 155 students
• Mr. Nicholas Soopramanien, Psychologist
The objectives of the talks are to make the youths aware of the benefits of Sports Medicine, proper physical activities and a good nutrition for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Talks were held as follows:
• Good nutrition presented by Mrs. Sadna Purgass, Nutritionist from the Ministry of Health & Quality of Life
• The importance and benefit of physical activities presented by Mr. Michel Chang Kye, Physiotherapist
A First Aid kit, an ice box and sports equipment were offered to the Director.
A quiz was held with questions related to the talks on Sports Medicine and the winners are Lucas Louis Jean, Amsee Jean Louis, Abel Sauzier and Olivier Manon . They were each offered a T- shirt as gift sponsored by the Panagora Marketing Co. Ltd.
At the end of the talks, Candia Milk was offered to all students.