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Mauritius Sports Council
Mauritius Sports Council>Sports Projects>Sports Project 2020>Yoplait Candia Sports Medicine Programme at Circonstance Community Centre

Yoplait Candia Sports Medicine Programme at Circonstance Community Centre

The Mauritius Sports Council in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sports & Recreation and under the sponsorship of Panagora Marketing Co. Ltd organized the Talk on Yoplait/Candia Sports Medicine at Circonstance Community Centre on Thursday the 19th of Novemeber 2020 in the presence of:
Mr. Paul Thomas Conrad - Nutritionist
Mrs. Aswina Ramessur - Community Support Officer
Mrs. Asha Busgeeth - Community Support Assistant
Supporting staff of Circonstance Community Centre
Supporting staff of Mauritius Sports Council

The objective of the talk is to sensitize the participants to maintain a healthy lifestyle with the practice of a regular physical activity and by having a good nutrition.

An Ice Box, First Aid Kit, one candia polo shirt and one t-shirt were offered to the Community Center by the Mauritius Sports Council.


45 people and a few supporting staff also attended the talk. After the presentation, a quiz in connection with the contents explained was held. The two winners are namely, Mrs Rouba Mootoosamy and Mrs Shubnize Aujaheb, both received a Candia t-shirt.



The talk ended at 12Hrs whereby Pamphlets on Sports Medicine and Candia milk were distributed to everyone present.