The Mauritius Sports Council in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth & Sports and under the sponsorship of Panagora Marketing Co. Ltd organised the Yoplait / Candia Sports Medicine Programme at Morcellement St Andre Community Centre on Wednesday 10 October 2017 in the presence of:
  • Mr. Swami Ramasawmy, President of Morcellement St Andre Community Centre ;
  • Mrs. Preety Rughoonundan, Community Development Officer;
  • Mrs. Sharmila Bhunty, Community Support Officer;
  • Staff of the Mauritius Sports Council
The objectives of the talks are to make the public aware of the benefits of Sports, proper physical activities and a good nutrition for maintaining a healthy life style. 
An Ice Box and a First Aid Kit were offered to the Centre for use and Booklets on Sports Medicine were offered to all participants.
The Resource Persons proceeded with the talks as follows:
  • Good nutrition, presented by Dr. Bernard Baptiste;
  • The Importance of Physical Activities  presented by Mr. Michel Chang Kye, Physiotherapist, Chairman Medical / Paramedical Committee of the Mauritius Sports Council.
80 participants attended the talks.
A quiz was held with questions related to the talks on Sports Medicine at the end of the programme. The winners were offered T- shirt as prizes.
At the end of the talk, Candia Milk was offered to all participants.