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Mauritius Sports Council>Sports Projects>Sports Project 2016>Seminar on Yoplait / Candia Sports Medicine Programme for Football Academies

Seminar on Yoplait / Candia Sports Medicine Programme for Football Academies

The Mauritius Sports Council in collaboration with Panagora Marketing Co. Ltd and the Ministry of Youth & Sports proceeded with the Launching of the Seminar on Yoplait / Candia Sports Medicine Programme for Football Academies at the Prof. J. Baguant Social Hall at Quartier Militaire on Wednesday 13 April 2016 in the presence of:
·         Board Members of the Mauritius Sports Council, Mr. Yougendranath Oree, the Managing Secretary and staff;
·         Mr. Sooben Renganaden, President of the Moka District Council;
·         Mr. Cadrivel Dorasami, Sports Officer / Coordinator of ‘Ecole de Foot’;
·         Mr. Nirmal Rewa, Football Coach (for the Region of Quartier Militaire);
·         Mr. Mahen Seeruttun, Football Coach (for the Region of Flacq);
·         Ms. Kate Vaghjee, representative of Mauritius Professional Football League (MPFL);
·         Members of the press
The objectives of the talks are to make the youth aware of the benefits of Sports Medicine, proper physical activities and a good nutrition for maintaining a healthy life style. 
A First Aid Kit and Sports equipment were offered to the Football Academy.
The Resource Persons proceeded with the talks as follows:
• Good Nutrition presented by Diyva POORUN, Nutritionist;
• The Importance of Physical Activities presented by Mr. Michel Chang Kye, Physiotherapist, Chairman Medical / Paramedical Committee of the Mauritius Sports Council
110 participants attended the talks and were very enthusiastic to hear the resource persons.
A quiz was held with questions related to the talks on Sports Medicine at the end of the programme.
13 participants, namely Jamel Draboucan, Irwin Malin, Ron Aza, Sydyal Alexandre, Jean Mervin Alphonse, Deep Mehess, Kenny Thomas, David Mooteealloo, Brice Hardy, Calou Bradley, Stan Pavillon, Irfaan Souroup and Emraj Kaviraj, answered correctly the questions and were awarded T- shirt as prizes.
At the end of the talks, Candia Milk was offered to all participants.