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Presentation of certificates

The Mauritius Sports Council, in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports who have at heart the well-being of the public at large, have been organising a series of Keep Fit Programs throughout the island.
In this respect three regions have been identified and are operational every Sunday morning as follows:

Year 2010
  • Auguste Vollaire Stadium at Flacq


Year 2012
  • Lady Sushil Ramgoolam State Secondary School at Triolet and  Harry Latour Stadium at Mahebourg
The objectives of the Keep Fit Program are as follows:
  • Encourage the practice of sports
  • Make optimum use of our sports infrastructure by the public
  • Encourage close family ties by enabling any sports activities of the choice together
  • Develop closer knit between people living in the same region
In this context, various activities such as Tai chi, Yoga, Aerobics, Tae Kwon Do, Swimming/Aqua Gym and talks on Sports Medicine are already ongoing at these sports complexes mentioned above.

Moreover, the Mauritius Sports Council is also providing transport facilities to participants going to swimming pools.  It is to be noted that the “Groupement des Diabetiques” also collaborates with the Mauritius Sports Council during the launching ceremonies for diabetes tests.

The Mauritius Sports Council also organised Hiking/Randonnée for participants of all three regions on the same day so as to enable the big “Keep Fit Family” to meet each other and develop friendship.  It is to be noted that the Keep Fit at Auguste Vollaire has started since 10 July 2010 and the participation is on the high side.

Next Keep Fit Program is scheduled for next year at Glen Park Sports Complex.

The Mauritius Sports Council, in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth & Sports and Panagora Marketing Limited have presented certificates to 56 participants on Sunday 14 October 2012 at 09h00 at Flacq Youth Centre, in the presence of:
  • Hon. Dhiraj Singh Khamajeet, Private Parliamentary Secretary
  • Advisors of the Ministry of Youth & Sports namely Mr. Achille and Mrs. Natasha Balgobin
  • Mr. Kris L. Appadoo, Chairman of the Mauritius Sports Council, Board Members and staff
  • Representatives of the Panagora Marketing Limited, Mrs. Anabelle Fanchette, Mr. Jerry Plassan and Mrs. A. Saddul
  • the Officer in Charge of the Flacq Youth Centre
  • Coaches and the press