The Mauritius Sports Council and the Ministry of Youth and Sports who have at heart the well-being of the public at large, under the sponsorship of the Panagora Marketing Company Limited, have been organising a series of Keep Fit Programs throughout the island. The Council’s philosophy is moving towards a better tomorrow with a healthier population.

The programme "Keep Fit with Yoplait" started since year 2012 and the percentage of participation is more than satisfactory.
The objectives of the Keep Fit Program are as follows:
  • Ø  Promote physical activity among the public;
  • Ø  Bring sports in every locality;
  • Ø  Minimize social issues through sports during idle time;
  • Ø  Sports foster friendship and amity (Make physical exercise attractive, fun and a socializing factor that create ties);
  • Ø  Bring sports closer to the communities in Mauritius;
  • Ø  Develop closer knit between people living in the same region;
  • Ø  Bring families together to indulge in sports;
  • Ø  Make sport fun and available to all ages;
  • Ø  Encourage the practice of sports & make optimum use of our sports infrastructure by the public;
  • Ø  Regular participation in sports leads to less misdirection of youthful rigor;
  • Ø  To make youngsters aware on how sports play a vital role.
The distribution of T - shirts to 42 participants followed by Aerobics and Zumba sessions were held on Sunday 09 September 2018 at Auguste Vollaire stadium at Flacq.
The Zumba sessions will be ongoing every Sundays at the Auguste Vollaire stadium from 08 00 hours to 09 00 hours by professional trainers from the ‘Commission Nationale du Sport Feminin’.