​The Mauritius Sports Council in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth & Sports and the Panagora Marketing Co Ltd organised the official launching of the Keep Fit With Yoplait at Cardinal Jean Margeot Social Hall at St. Jean, Quatre Bornes on Saturday 23 August 2014 in the presence of:
·         Mr. D. Bheemadoo, Mayor of Municipal Council of Quatre Bornes
·         Mr. Kris Appadoo, Chairman of Mauritius Sports Council
·         Mr. Eric Milazar, Advisor at the Ministry of Youth & Sports on Sports Matters and who also represented the Honourable Minister of Youth & Sports
·         Mr. P. Ujoodha, Managing Secretary of the Mauritius Sports Council
·         Miss Anjina Saddul, Marketing Manager of Panagora Marketing Co Ltd
·         Miss Stephanie Heerah, Marketing & Customer Relationship Manager, Maurilait
·         Miss Aurore Lam, Marketing Coordinator
·         Board Members and staff of the Mauritius Sports Council 
The coaches present conducted the following Physical activities:
·         Yohann Parisot                      -           Keep Fit Coach
·         Arianne Cheung Tsang            -           Taichi Coach
·         Ruby Ramsamy                       -           Bollywood Dance
·         Suzel Ramdoo                         -           Aerobics Coach
·         Sandra Balthazar                    -           Zumba coach
140 participants were present for the launching and it was a real success. 
Yop products and T-shirts were distributed to all participants.
The event was covered by the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation.