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Distribution of T Shirts to Participants of Keep Fit with Yoplait

The Mauritius Sports Council and the Ministry of Youth and Sports who have at heart the well-being of the public at large, under the sponsorship of the Panagora Marketing Company Limited, have been organising a series of Keep Fit Programs throughout the island.

The programme "Keep Fit with Yoplait" started since the year 2012 at the Lady Sushil Ramgoolam State Secondary School at Triolet and the percentage of participation is more than satisfactory.
The objectives of the Keep Fit Program are as follows:
  • Encourage the practice of sports
  • Make optimum use of our sports infrastructure by the public
  • Encourage close family ties by enabling any sports activities of the choice together
  • Develop closer knit between people living in the same region


Demonstration by participants of "Keep Fit with Yoplait" along with distribution of Tshirts to 80 participants was held on Sunday 22 June 2014 at Lady Sushil Ramgoolam State Secondary School, Triolet, in the presence of:
  • Hon. Satyaprakash Ritoo, Minister of Youth & Sports
  • Advisor of the Ministry of Youth & Sports namely Mr. Achille
  • Mr. Kris L. Appadoo, Chairman of the Mauritius Sports Council,
  • Mr. S. Oodunt, Mr. P. Kowlessur, Mr. R. Mohun, MSK, Mr. I. Jeeawody, Board Members
  • staff of the Mauritius Sports Council
  • Mrs. Anita Addison, Zumba Coach
  • Mr. Mahadeo Toolsee, Yoga Coach
  • Mrs. Arianne C. Tsang, Tai Chi Coach
  • and the press
Activities were as follows:
  • Yoga demonstration (Jeevan Tatva) by Mr. Sunil Toolsee & trainees
  • Taichi demonstration by Mrs. Arianne Cheung Tsang & trainees (Tai Chi Form 42 & Sword 32)
  • Zumba demonstration by Mrs. Anita Addison & trainees