1. What are the conditions that National Sports Federations (NSF) should follow to benefit from financial assistance from the MSC?
  • The NSF should be recognised by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
  • The NSF should submit a calendar of activities for the current year.
  • The NSF should submit an audited financial statement of accounts.
  • The NSF should submit the Grant Assessment Panel Questionnaire.


2. How does the MSC support NSF?
The MSC supports NSF under the following items:-
  • Secretarial Assistance
  • Office expenses
  • Coaching
  • International Affiliation Fees
  • Office equipment
  • Sundry


Secretarial Assistance
NSF that are employing an Administrative Secretary/Typist (whether full time or part time) have to submit the following to the MSC for disbursement of above-mentioned grant:-
  • A quarterly return of salaries for Administrative Secretary/Typist
  • A monthly return of attendance for Administrative Secretary/Typist
  • Copies of the contract and conditions of service of the Administrative Secretary/Typist (Take note that an Administrative Secretary/typist is employed by the NSF and as such, conditions of service/scheme of duties are determined by the employer).
Prior approval should be obtained from the MSC for employment of a new Administrative Secretary/typist. For any new recruit, NSF should call for candidatures via newspapers for selection for the post of a full-time Administrative Secretary/typist.            
A selection of candidate for the above-mentioned posts should be based on the following criteria:-
  • Holder of a School Certificate or equivalent qualifications
  • Proven knowledge of information technology essentials (word, excel etc..)
  • Basic knowledge of the sports discipline concerned, if applicable
  • Should not be an active coach, athlete and member of any sports federation.
  • Should not have reached the age of 60 years.
In addition, the following documents should be forwarded to the MSC for approval of the selected candidate:
  • Curriculum of selected candidates
  • Copy of Identity Card
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copies of all educational qualifications


Office expenses
This item is earmarked to enable NSF to meet expenses with regard to purchase of stationeries and payment of utility bills.        
Coaching allowance is provided to NSF as an incentive to develop initiation sports training centres. This will be provided only if a project development programme is submitted to the MSC. The project should include the following:
  • Place/location of the training centre
  • Time of operation
  • Targeted age group
  • Coach responsible of the centre
  • Marketing strategies to attract youngsters
  • Training programme etc.
International Affiliation Fees
Request for payment of I.A.F will have to be made on the appropriate forms available at the council and supported by an invoice/receipt from the international federation. Payment of I.A.F will be paid directly by the MSC to the International Federation through a bank draft.          

Office equipment
This item is earmarked to enable NSF to purchase equipment such as a computer, a fax machine, scanner etc.                     

Sundries are general expenses not covered under the different items mentioned.            

3. What is the Central Audit System?
The Central Audit System has been introduced since January 2004 by the MSC for verification of accounts of Sports Federations. The main objective is to allow more transparency in the financial management of NSF.

The audited financial statement also includes:
  • A management letter from auditor
  • Confirmation of the Managing Committee Members
  • Confirmation of the number of regional committees and their respective managing committee members
  • Confirmation of the number of Licensees (boys, girls and officials), number of clubs, number of clubs affiliated with the Registrar of Association etc.
  • Confirmation that funds disbursed by the MSC have been properly accounted for and utilised and that the appropriate purpose for disbursement has been respected.
  • Confirmation as to whether auditor has signed the statement of accounts after the approval of the Managing Committee. Thereafter, if the same accounts have been approved by the Annual General Assembly.


4. What are the responsibilities to the MSC with regard to management of Sports facilities?
Responsibilities assigned to the MSC in the management of facilities are as follows:
  • Planning for utilisation of sports facilities
  • Establishing conditions for use of sports facilities in accordance with Government’s policy
  • Managing revenues generated from rental to users (Sports federations, clubs, public, schools/colleges, Ministries, private firms, etc.)
  • Determining rental fees for use by different users
  • Managing canteens where available
  • Marketing of publicity spaces
  • Conducting urgent minor repairs
  • Provision of adequate staffing for maintenance

5. What type of activities are held on facilities managed by the MSC?
  • Activities held on sports facilities
  • Training of elite
  • Initiation/Detection
  • Mass/Leisure sports practice
  • Competitions (Regional, National & International), Seminars/Conferences, Training of Technical Cadres, etc.

6. Where does the MSC derive its revenue?
The MSC derives its revenue from:
  • The Government
  • Sponsors and
  • Rental of Sports Facilities to Clubs, Public, Private/Public Institutions etc.


7. What is the composition of the Board of the MSC ?     
The Board of the MSC is composed of 12 members including a Chairman, appointed by the Minister for a period of 2 years, who may be paid such allowance as the Minister thinks appropriate.       

8. Procedures for booking any sports facility managed by the MSC?
Request for use of any sports facility managed by the MSC should be made by a means of a letter addressed to the Managing Secretary. The request will then be transmitted to the officer-in-charge of the particular sports facility for his recommendations.            

After acknowledgement of the recommendations of the officer-in-charge, an official letter specifying the conditions for use and rental fees will be sent to the user confirming the booking. The user should produce the letter to the officer-in-charge to be granted access to the site.            

Rental fees should be paid to the Mauritius Sports Council before use, otherwise access to the site will be denied.