The Yop Athlete Award (previously known as Allsport Athlete Award) is reserved for athletes aged 16 years and above who have achieved best sports performances during a particular month.


YOP ATHLETE OF THE MONTH AWARD (introduced as from January 2009)


MONTH 2018 2019 2020
January​ Christopher FOK KOW (Tennis)  
Miguel MARIE (Athletics)
March​ Oumehani Tayyebah HOSENALLY (Table Tennis)
​April Jonathan DRACK (Athletics) Nandeshwaree Lilowtee JALIM (Table Tennis)
​May Henry Bernard BAPTISTE (Athletics) Jonathan Christopher SOPHIE (Athletics)
​June Jonathan CHARLOT (Ju Jitsu) Amelie BOY (Tennis)
​July Jack Dorian MADANAMOOTOO(Weightlifting and Powerlifting)



Elie Jonathan Denis BARDOTTIER (Athletics)

​August Aziim Abdul RAMZAN(Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)



Roilya RANAIVOSOA (Weightlifting and Powerlifting)

​September ​Adil DOOKEE  (JuJitsu)


Kelwin JUBOO (Weightlifting and Powerlifting)


Muhamad Tawfiq JAUNBOCUS  (Brazilian Ju Jitsu)​

​November ​Miguel MARIE (Athletics)


​​Yohnn Gebert SEEGOBIN (Equestrian)
​December ​Sebastien LIU CHUNG MING (Tennis)​​





MONTH 2015 2016 2017
January​ Mohammad Ilshad DOOKUN (Athletics)  
Jessika ROSUN (Athletics)
March​ Timothée HUGNIN (Triathlon)
​April Elodie POO CHEONG (Swimming) Kate FOO KUNE (Badminton)
​May Louis William BOUTON (Kick Boxing) ​Amelie BOY (Tennis)
​June Jean Vincent DUVAL, Handisport (Athletics) Satya GUNPUT (Fencing)
​July Scody VICTOR, Handisport (Swimming) ​Mr. Joseph Kennedy St Pierre (Boxing) RANAIVOSOA Roilya (Weightlifting & Powerlifting)
​August Christopher LAGANE (Cycling) ​Mr. Lambert Leclezio (Equestrian) BOY Amelie (Tennis)
​September Kate FOO KUNE (Badminton) Mr. Jean Luc Vilbrim (Athletics) LENT Ketty (Weightlifting & Powerlifting)
​October ​Yvan PIERROT (Weightlifting) Jack Anthony MADANAMOOTHOO (Weightlifting) LENT Ketty (Weightlifting & Powerlifting)
​November Amelie BOY (Tennis) Jerome FERRAT (Equestrian) FOO KUNE Kate (Badminton)
​December Kate FOO KUNE (Badminton) ​Georges Julien PAUL (Badminton) PAUL Julien (Badminton)



MONTH 2012 2013 2014
January​ Kimberly Lecourt (Cycling)​
Jonathan Christophe Ramchurn (Boxing)
Philippe Burckel (Equestrian) Anabelle Lascar Jose (Athletics)​
March​ Emilie Ng Foong Po (Triathlon) Julien Min Fa (Tennis) Elodie Poo Cheong (Swimming)​
Shalinee Valaydon (Weightlifting)
Guillaume Lloyd Thierry (Athletics) Kate Foo Kune- Badminton
May​ Arnaud Li Hing Fui (Cycling) Ryan Wong Pin Young (Tennis) ​Veejaye Agathe- Kickboxing
June​ Jason Olliver Lavigilante (Boxing) Philippe Burckel (Equestrian) ​Clair Merven- Boxe
July​ Thierry Guillaume (Athletics)

Lambert Leclezio (Equestrian)
Kennedy ST PIERRE- Boxe
August​ Christianne Legentil (Judo) Kate Foo Kune (Badminton) Guillaume THIERRY
Yannick Lincoln (Cycling)
Guillaume Thierry (Athletics) Jean Pierre PERRINE
October​ Florence ESPITALIER NOEL (Equestrian) Shalinee VALAYDON (Weightlifting) Christiane LEGENTIL (Judo)
November​ Sebastien TYACK (Cycling)

Pierrot Yvan Jean HILARY (Weightlifting)
Kate FOO KUNE (Badminton)
December​ Julien PAUL (Badminton) Vincent BRADLEY (Swimming) Joseph KENNEDY ST PIERRE (Boxing)


MONTH 2009 2010 2011
January​ Jean Luc Elge Vilbrim (Athletics) Sohinee Ghosh (Tennis) Emmanuel Froget (Swimming)​
February​ Jean Elvino Pierre Louis (Athletics) Abdool Sahir Edoo (Badminton) Richarno Colin (Boxing)​
March​ Stephan Buckland (Athletics) Jason Olliver LAVIGILANTE (Boxing) Mary Jane Vincent (Athletics)​
April​ Abdool Sahir Edoo (Badminton) Sohinee Ghosh (Tennis) Sylvain Pierre Louis (Athletics)​
May​ Antonio Vieillesse (Athletics) Fabienne St Louis (Triathlon) Kate Foo Kune (Badminton)​
June​ Stephan Buckland (Athletics) Christophe Sophie (Athletics)
Kennedy St Pierre (Boxing)
Ludovic Bactora (Boxing)
Richarno Colin (Boxing)
July​ John Colin (Boxing) Guillaume Thierry (Athletics) Fabienne St Louis (Triathlon)​
August​ Kate Foo Kune (Badminton) Darren Paul (Athletics) Fabrice Coiffic (Athletics)​
September​ Yannick Lincoln (Badminton) Facson Perrine (Kick Boxing) Richarno Colin (Boxing)​
October​ Eric Milazar (Athletics) Richarno Colin (Boxing) Louis Regnard (Equestrian)​
November​ Aurélie Halbwachs (Cycling) Aurélie Halbwachs (Cycling) Aurélie Halbwachs (Cycling)​
December​ Keshav Bhicoo (Body Building) Kennedy St Pierre (Boxing) Paul Julien (Badminton)​